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this guy was indeed a tough nut to crack but we're all good squirrels!
now we can celebrate for the night.
our next stop will be paragons!

good job everyone!

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if you're happy and you know it clap your motherfucking hands cause this fool can't do it!

mostly because he has no hands, but partly cause we made him lick the floor.

good job guys, 11/14. blackfuse here we come.

Spoils down. 10/14 — by merojinaya on Oct 28, 2013

Clean Kill!
good job everyone.
4 more to go.
we got a date with a giant dinobot.

after showing up with our focus faces, taking him down wasn't so hard after all!

9/14 and counting!
better be ready garosh,
hide your children, hide your wife.

8/14 HC's cleared! — by Jcpandamme on Oct 6, 2013

And no killshots yet, so we get a tribute to Walter White instead.

More HC kills on the way. Keep up the good work!

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down down down! — by merojinaya on Sep 18, 2013

14/14 normal modes on the first reset of the patch. great work everyone.
heroics here we come!
also it only took like 1 try to get this screenshot.

Down in 18 pulls. Really great work this tier folks!


Lei Shen HC down! 12/13 HC! — by Jcpandamme on Jul 7, 2013

Great job everyone! After some raid extensions, dealing with setup changes due to summer holidays, everything finally came together. All that was needed was a little penile motivation and a crit banner!

Ra-den, you're up next, bitch.


Nice work on this kill guys! This was the first challenging encounter this tier, and now onward to Lei Shen!

Dark Animus dead w00t! — by Jcpandamme on Jun 16, 2013

Extra killshot to satiate those who like to dress pretty and shit.

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